WiFi como serviço para o seu negócio

Vagalume é uma solução desenvolvida pela Elcoma Networks para iluminar seu negócio e resolver seus problemas com redes WiFi. Com um time implantação e monitoramento contínuo e a robusta linha de access points e controllers Vagalume oferecemos toda a confiabilidade, disponibilidade e alto desempenho que a sua empresa precisa para dar adeus aos problemas de conexão.


Shopping Centers

WiFi network always available and secure, with large area coverage and generation common marketing reports usage profile.


Hotels and Resorts

It provides quality internet to its guests in the indoor and outdoor areas, with a network that supports more than a thousand people connected.


Schools and Universities

Stable and managed WiFi to create filters and priorities for access – possibility of pages and content restriction.


Hospitals and Clinics

Asset monitoring through WiFi RTLS and stable signal for use in Hospital and PEP Management Systems.


Logistiscs and Industry

WiFi solution customized and resistant to extreme temperatures, used for risk prevention, asset monitoring and more.


On Board

Devices promoting connectivity, real-time monitoring, vehicle telemetry and people counting.